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Security Tips for Mobile Banking

Avenue Bank is excited to add Mobile Deposit to the list of convenient Mobile Banking services, however we want to remind you of a few tips to ensure the security of your financial accounts when using your smartphone or iPad tablet.

  1. Make sure your mobile device is protected with up-to-date internet security software.
  2. Only use mobile banking apps provided by your bank and only download apps from the official app store.
  3. Only use a secure WIFI connection that you trust to access financial accounts.
  4. Set up a password or PIN to lock your smartphone -  remember not to use passwords or PINs that easy for someone to guess (such as birthdates, 0000, or 1234.)
  5. Don’t tell anyone your security details and never store them on your mobile device in a way that could be accessed by someone else.
  6. Change your password or PIN immediately if you suspect it may have been compromised.
  7. Never divulge your PIN or password in response to a call, email or text.
  8. Log out of your accounts when your business is completed.
  9. Ensure your bank has updated contact information including your cell number to reach you in the event of an issue with your account.
  10. For 24/7 assistance with Online/Mobile Banking, call 1-866-563-5312.

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