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Mobile Banking App - FAQ

Avenue Bank is expanding our mobile banking options to meet the increasing connectivity needs of our customers. Our new Smartphone app joins our online banking with more functionality and ease of use. Now you can securely and conveniently pay bills, transfer funds, check balances and more while on the go. 

Enroll your phone and download the all-new Avenue Bank app today to start managing your money anytime, anywhere.

What do I need to get started?

You can start using Mobile Banking if you have:

  • enrolled in Avenue Bank Online Banking
  • an active Avenue Bank checking, savings or money market account
  • a Web-enabled mobile device

How much does this service cost?

The App is a free complimentary service offered to our online banking customers. However, there may be charges associated with data usage on your phone. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

What accounts will I be able to access through Mobile Banking?

You will be able to get balances, transfer funds and pay bills on any account for which you are an owner.

Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?

Yes, bill payment is available through our Mobile Apps. You will be able to pay any bills you have set up through Avenue Bank Online Banking.

Can I create Payees through the Mobile App?

No. The creation of Payees must be completed within Online Banking (not mobile banking/app).

Can I transfer funds through the Mobile App?

Yes, funds transfer is available through our Mobile App. You will be able to transfer funds between accounts for which you are an owner.

Is it secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking is safe and secure. Avenue Bank’s service utilizes best practices from online banking, such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, PIN or password access and application timeout when your phone is not in use. Only the phones that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts. In addition, no account data is ever sent or stored on your phone.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

In the event your phone is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by either going online to or calling the Avenue Bank 24/7 customer service hotline at 1-866-563-5312.

Which wireless carriers are supported?

We support all the popular US wireless phone carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. If your carrier is not listed when you enroll, select ‘Other’ and try the Mobile Web option, or check back later, as new carriers will be added over time.

Do I need a data plan?

Yes, a data plan is typically needed, as data usage can become expensive without them. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

I’m not enrolled for Online Banking. Can I still use this?

You must first enable your account(s) for online banking before using the Avenue Bank App.

What is Activation?

Activation is a one-time process that helps ensure your security. After you enroll a phone, you will receive an activation code which will be required to begin using the Avenue Bank app on your device. Your activation code is good for 24 hours. If you are unable to activate your phone during that time, just return to the enrollment page on your computer and follow the prompts to request a new activation code. We recommend you print your activation code and installation instructions for easy reference during installation.

Is the Mobile Banking App compatible with all Smartphones?

The app is available for iPhone, Android, and various Blackberry models.

How much transaction history is available through Mobile Banking?

You will be able to access up to the last 90 days of transaction history.

How do I sign up for Avenue Bank Mobile Banking?

1. Log in to your Avenue Bank account from your computer or Smartphone by visiting

2. Go to the “User Services” tab and choose the “Mobile Enrollment” option from the “Manage Account” box.

3. Enroll your mobile phone and follow the activation instructions.

4. Download the Avenue Bank app from your phone’s Market.

I'm having a problem with the Mobile app, who should I call?

During business hours, please call your Avenue Banker at 615.252.BANK (2265) or after hours call our 24/7 customer service hotline at 1-866-563-5312. We're ready to help. If you're having technical issues with your phone or have questions about mobile data access or data charges on your phone bill, contact the customer service department of your mobile service provider.

I enrolled my phone number but did not receive a text message. What should I do?

Typically you should receive a text message within a few minutes after enrolling, however sometimes mobile carriers experience delays which slow down text message delivery. While waiting, make sure your phone has a wireless signal. In addition, be sure you entered the correct phone number on the enrollment site. If you still do not receive it, contact your wireless carrier to be sure text messaging is enabled on your phone.

Do I have to have both SMS Text Banking and the Mobile Banking app?

No, you simply may choose one or both.

I received an activation code but never used it. What do I do now?

Activation codes expire after 24 hours. If you need a new one, return to the Avenue Bank enrollment site and request a new code.

What happens if I get a new phone or change phone numbers?

If you get a new phone or change phone numbers, be sure to return to Avenue Bank’s website via your PC or Smartphone and update your phone profile in the Mobile Banking Center. We recommend removing your old phone and re-enrolling your new phone.



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