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Shop Local Initiative

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We love local! 

Our Shop Local initiative is a community-focused effort, bringing attention to the benefits of supporting local businesses.

What are those benefits?

Economically-speaking, much more money stays in the local economy when you buy local. And, jobs are created and taxes are generated which are re-invested in our community.

Culturally-speaking, these local businesses create the unique character of our city, and feed the creative spirit that has gotten Nashville on the top of “It City” lists too numerous to name.  Plus, it fosters relationships as business owners interact directly with their customers and cater to local tastes.

It all adds up to a quality of life that residents love, and that draws visitors to Nashville from across the country and beyond.

Want a poster, or have questions about how Nashville’s signature bank can work for you?  Call us at 615.252.2265.


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