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Now you can get even greater financial security: CDARS multimillion-dollar FDIC insurance on CD investments.

CDARS is the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service. And it’s the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than $250,000.

One bank.

Everything is handled through Avenue Bank. Your large deposit is broken into smaller amounts and placed with other banks that are members of a special network. Then, those member banks issue CDs in amounts under $250,000 so that your entire investment is eligible for FDIC insurance. By working with just one bank—Avenue Bank—you can receive insurance from many.

One rate.

You earn one rate on your entire investment, so you can forget about multiple rate negotiations and the need to consolidate multiple disbursement checks.

One statement.

You receive one regular account statement listing all of your CDs, along with their issuing banks, maturity dates, interest earned, and other details. With CDARS, there’s no need to manually consolidate statements, track changing collateral values, or use private surety bonds.


It’s that simple.

 The process is easy. After all, we’re Avenue Bank.


When you’re ready to take advantage of CDARS, here’s what happens:

  1. You enter into one agreement. You sign one simple Deposit Placement Agreement with us.
  2. You select an interest rate and a maturity. Based on our current CD options, you decide on a rate and maturity that best matches your investment goals.
  3. Funds are deposited. Using CDARS, we submit your funds for placement at member banks.
  4. CDs are issued. Member banks issue CDs in denominations under $250,000 so your entire investment is eligible for full FDIC insurance coverage.
  5. Your written confirmation of your deposits and a listing of all of your CDs is received. 

Using CDARS is just that easy at Avenue Bank.



How CDARS can help you.

In short, any organization or individual who wants to combine the convenience of working with a single bank with the security of FDIC insurance can benefit from CDARS. Specific aspects of CDARS make the service especially valuable.


For individual savers and investors:

  • Earn CD-level returns, which may compare favorably with those associated with money market funds and other fixed-income investments1
  • Capitalize on the time-saving conveniences associated with easy, consolidated statements
  • Enjoy the peace of mind associated with access to full FDIC insurance on your CDs
  • Make large, FDIC-insured deposits without running around town to open accounts at multiple banks and without opening accounts under various names


For advisors of all types—trust officers, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors/planners, and other fiduciaries:

  • Consolidate each client’s large-dollar deposits into one regular statement
  • Consolidate each client’s interest disbursements
  • Eliminate each client’s need to track changing collateral values (for collateralized deposits)
  • Help each client avoid the hassles associated with directly managing multiple bank relationships


For more information, contact your banker or Paula Gaines, CTP at 615.744.2946.

Footnote 1 : Please see "the fine print".

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