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By: Pete Wooten, Director of Commercial Banking

“Wow” is a very important word at Avenue Bank.

Each week in our all-employee meeting we call “Family Gathering” we talk about “Wow” stories from the past week.  The meeting room is always full and overflows into the entrance area. In that meeting, stories are spontaneously shared where one of our team members has created a client experience that elicits that proverbial "WOW" response. 

These stories may be told by a co-worker or manager, and often are read from a note or email sent by a client describing a wonderful experience or a positive impression that one or more of our associates has created. 

Recently, I was reflecting on why these stories are so important and I came to the realization that they really mean everything to us. 

The truth is, banking products and services are a commodity, with slight variations from one company to another. That’s why we built our bank on service. We understand the real differentiator is how we make our clients feel when we serve them.  As the saying goes, “they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. 

There is nothing more rewarding for us than to create an experience and feeling in a client or soon-to-be client, where that individual is compelled to say, “Wow! That just makes our day.



Posted by Lisa Meiers on 04/28 at 06:24 AM


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