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Small deeds can be very good deeds

by Teresa Lewin, Compliance Officer

In early March I read a story in The Tennessean about a group of people in East Nashville who were collecting aluminum cans for a man named “Bill” who sells the cans for his livelihood. I was very touched by this story.   It gave me an idea of a small way to help an individual and our environment at the same time – and it costs us nothing but a little thought and effort.

I’m a pretty avid environmentalist and already recycle as much as possible at home.  But by adding Bill as the “middle-man” I saw that more good could come from my efforts.  In order to multiply this opportunity, I shared the story with my co-workers at Avenue Bank and asked for their help in collecting cans at our office.

The cans quickly added up and soon I had two large bags full of cans, about 20 pounds!

Last week I made the first drop-off of aluminum cans to the “I Dream of Weenie” hot dog stand on Woodland Street, one of a few spots where Bill picks up cans for recycling.  The lady that took them from me was very excited.  She said, “Bill will be here tomorrow for his pick-up.  He will be very grateful.  He is the kindest and most grateful person in the world!”

The article that brought this opportunity to my attention was entitled “Small deeds make a big difference.” How true this is. I know that through this effort a very small contribution was made to the independence of another human being.

So I’ll keep collecting cans for Bill, a guy who wants a hand up and not a hand out.

Posted by mindreactor on 04/29 at 07:12 AM


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