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New Year’s Resolutions

by Lisa Meiers, Marketing Director

It’s that time of year... when we toast the New Year, wish each other happiness, and (some of us) vow to make positive changes in our lives! 

We’d like to share some resolutions of a few Avenue team members, giving you a glimpse into what we’re thinking and talking about at the start of ’09. And, we’ll also take the liberty of suggesting a few financially-oriented resolutions for your consideration.

To share your resolutions with us, just “comment” below.

Our Resolutions (some are lofty, some are entertaining):

From soon-to-be-new-mom, H.R.: My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is to be the best new mom that I can be... and to get my body back in shape!

From our coach, J.L.: To become more educated about processed foods and preservatives, and return to more organic, healthful eating. (But still leave room for enjoying occasional craves!)

From T.B.: Read my Bible daily; work out 4 times a week; and be consistently focused every day at work and home to reach my goals.

From L.L.: Bring more levity to the workplace and encourage fun!

From A.C.: To get in an exercise routine!

From V.S.: To be a better person tomorrow than I was today, to work toward health, joy and financial independence for myself and others.

From K.C.: Wear my (UT) ORANGE jacket more often; play LOTS of golf and get to single digit handicap; continue finding ways to make memories with my two kids (now 25 and 17), create an environment for Avenue Bankers to be the best they can be; more random and anonymous acts of kindness; live more and love more.

From B.Z.: To continue working out at the gym with my co-workers who keep me accountable!

From J.R.: I am learning Spanish, along with my children. My goal is to be able to carry on a basic conversation in Spanish by the end of the year, and for my children to be able to identify objects in Spanish that they encounter in their everyday environment.

From L.M.: Make time for pleasure reading and volunteering... one thing for me and one for others!

And from our CEO: Focus on making Avenue Bank as successful as we can be in ’09; get back to the gym; play more golf; spend more time with my parents and my wife’s parents, as well as with our children and grandchildren; and finally, look up some old friends.

And in case you’re still looking for inspiration for YOUR resolutions, here are some financially- oriented suggestions you can take to heart:

Start off 2010 in a better financial position: tackle your debt with a manageable plan and ask a family member or friend to hold you accountable.

Review your credit report and correct any outdated information or inaccuracies; if necessary ask your banker how you can work to improve your score, which impacts your credit approvals and the interest rates you pay. is the official site for consumers to get a free report each year.

Make or update your will and share your wishes with your family. At the same time, ensure that your insurance policies are current and meet your family’s changing needs, and double-check your policy beneficiaries including 401K, IRAs and investment accounts.

Teach your children the financial basics of “spending”, “saving”, and “sharing” by discussing your family’s budget, or guiding them through choices about their allowance. Information to help abounds on the Internet.

Review your full financial picture with a trusted financial advisor and ensure that you and your spouse both understand all your obligations and investments. (Don’t have an advisor? Ask your Avenue Banker how we can help!)

If you’re getting married in ’09...  take a vow to start your relationship off right with classes or counseling on money management before you say “I do”! Bookstores and the internet are great resources for info.

Be smart about giving. Research non-profit organizations that you support to ensure that your contributions are used efficiently and effectively. Check out info on local organizations

We wish you happiness and health in the new year!

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