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Avenue’s Service - From A Client’s Perspective

 I love to tell people about my job.  When I say “I’m a bicycle messenger,” they raise their eyebrows and respond, “no seriously, what do you do?”

 Some people are surprised to hear that I started a bicycle courier company in Nashville, since we are not known as a ‘cycling city’ like Portland, Boston, New York, etc. Our motorists are still learning to embrace sharing the road with cyclists, but I get to be an advocate for cycling every day.  Green Fleet helps businesses reduce their costs, become more environmentally friendly, and gives businesses a tangible reason to support bicycles as a viable transportation alternative.

 I typically cycle 150 - 200 miles a week for work, and I stop by Avenue Bank between deliveries when I have business deposits.  I’m a small customer for Avenue, but from the very beginning they’ve believed in my business.

 The people at Avenue understand what it is like to start a business because they have done the same thing.  Their business model is focused on their customers - even if it’s just a guy with an idea and a bicycle.

 I like to tell people where to bicycle in Nashville, but I like to tell people where they should bank just as much.

 The people at Avenue Bank are helping my company make a difference in Nashville, and they can help you too – their philosophy is to do everything they can to help you succeed.  And they are one of the reasons that we are finding success.

 Tell ‘em that Green Fleet sent you!

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 This blog was submitted by Austin at Green Fleet Messengers.

Posted by Lisa Meiers on 10/09 at 11:02 AM


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