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“and the Oscar goes to . . . ”

By Bill Titus, Avenue Bank Controller

Watching Oscar-nominated films has been my hobby for 15 years, and it’s one I think others would enjoy for many reasons.  First: a good movie is almost guaranteed, making the expense of tickets more justifiable.  Second: deciding what to see is easy -- a list is provided to you each January.  Third: when a category has been completed, it’s fair game to second-guess the winning selections. Fourth: it can provide year-round entertainment.

 Taking up this hobby is easy.  Each January, will provide a printable ballot suitable for easy reference or downloading.  New rules provide for ten Best Picture nominations beginning this year, along with five nominations each for the five other major categories:  Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.  Allowing for some films to garner multiple nominations across categories, to see all the nominated films will likely involve viewing about twenty films.  To add Best Foreign Language film, Best (feature length) Documentary film and all non-short film nominees, typically adds another fifteen to twenty films.  (Beginners may need to work up to these expanded categories after training!)

 Think you don’t have time for all these movies? Just consider the amount of pseudo- reality television that can be sacrificed and replaced with artistic and oftentimes intellectually stimulating entertainment. 

 Real commitment requires being agreeable to watching all types of movies: dramas, tragedies, comedies, “chick-flik” romances, westerns, biographies and independent films.  If you have someone to join you, discussing and debating the films adds to the fun. 

 I hope you’ll join me in anticipation of the announcement of my “entertainment game plan” for 2010, and I’ll look for you at the theater.

 Grab your popcorn and get started, and you’ll never be without a conversational topic again. “Seen any good movies lately?”

Posted by Lisa Meiers on 01/06 at 01:13 PM

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