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An Anniversary Inspired Reflection - by Barb Zipperian

This week I celebrated my 3rd anniversary as a member of the Avenue Bank family. It is incredible to think back to 3 years ago and recall the events in my life and my thoughts about moving to Nashville to start a new bank. I knew that we had the potential to create something special but I never imagined the truly wonderful company that we’ve molded, nurtured and grown. I had no reservations moving my family from Memphis to Nashville and have found this city to be welcoming and exciting. Our first six months here were rocked a bit as we dealt with family illnesses, death and struggles. But the love and support from my Avenue family helped us through and we now proudly call Nashville our home! While risk averse by nature, I found naïveté to be my friend. Who would have thought that close on the heels of our bank’s “birth”, we’d find ourselves at the start of the country’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression? It’s certainly been interesting and challenging as we navigate through these different times but Avenue Bank has grown and even flourished. When I look around at the faces of each and every banker in our company, every one has a story, a wonderful memory and a place in our history book. As I now look ahead, I see a bright future for our company and our Avenue family. This company is different and I have the right to say that after almost 30 years in the banking business. “The difference is real” IS who we are and how we treat people. I’ve seen it, lived it and cherish it each and every day. We are Nashville’s bank and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future!

Posted by Lisa Meiers on 11/17 at 09:36 AM


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